2015-2016 City Council Goals and Objectives

Each year, concurrent with the review and adoption of the municipal budget, the City Council develops its Goals & Objectives. These items reflect the projects, challenges, and legislative matters deemed by the Council to be among the most important of the fiscal year. Following are the FY 2015-16 Goals & Objectives, adopted by the City Council at its April 7 meeting.

FY 2015-2016 City Council Goals & Objectives

Section 1: Traffic Mitigation

Traffic Mitigation Goal #1
In cooperation with the City’s project partners, complete the 57/60 Confluence project.

Objective 1.1: Commence construction of the westbound SR-60 on-ramp from Grand Avenue (Phase One of 57/60 Confluence Project).

Objective 1.2: Commence construction of the westbound SR-60 off-ramp and auxiliary lane to Grand Avenue (Phase Two of 57/60-Grand Confluence Project).

Objective 1.3: Complete design of Local Improvements at Grand/Golden Springs and DB Golf Course Frontage and prepare for construction (Phase Three of 57/60 Confluence Project).

Objective 1.4 Secure construction funding for the 57/60 freeway mainline improvements, bypass connectors and Grand Avenue bridge widening project (Phase Four of 57/60 Confluence Project).

Traffic Mitigation Goal #2
In cooperation with the City’s project partners, complete the 57/60 “big fix” project (includes missing connectors, carpool lanes, etc.).

Objective 2.1 Secure funding partners for the project and complete a feasibility study to determine the preferred and most effective options.

Traffic Mitigation Goal #3
In cooperation with the City’s project partners, complete the Lemon Avenue on/off ramp project.

Objective 3.1 Begin construction and complete by December 2016.

Traffic Mitigation Goal #4
Advocate for transportation solutions that are equitable in their distribution of goods movement related traffic.

Objective 4.1 Maintain participation in regional goods movement planning efforts.

Traffic Mitigation Goal #5
Optimize traffic flow on the City’s arterial streets.

Objective 5.1 Implement the adaptive traffic control system.

Section 2: Financial Responsibility/Economic Development

Fiscal Responsibility/Economic Development Goal #1
Create a long-term City-wide financial plan for preservation of the City’s fixed assets, including infrastructure, buildings, parks, and other facilities.

Fiscal Responsibility/Economic Development Goal #2
Stimulate growth in the local economy by attracting new businesses and jobs to Diamond Bar.

Objective 2.1 Identify specific development opportunities and develop Specific Plans to revitalize the K-mart property area in a way that provides the greatest net benefit to the community.

Objective 2.2 Proactively market the Honda property to potential hotel developers.

Fiscal Responsibility/Economic Development Goal #3
Implement the plan to address the long-term financial sustainability of the City’s Lighting and Landscape Assessment Districts (LLADs).

Objective 3.1 Complete implementation of updates to adjust annual assessments in District 39.

Objective 3.2 Begin discussions with the five homeowner’s associations in LLAD #41 to return maintenance responsibilities to the property owners.

Section 3: Communications

Communications Goal #1
In addition to regular public meetings, provide a variety of opportunities for public interaction and participation.

Objective 1.1 Maintain a wide variety and expand upon existing public outreach methods, including print media (DB Connection/Envirolink), e-newsletter subscriptions, DBTV/website/YouTube channel video productions, and restaurant guide.

Section 4: General Items

General Items Goal #1
Develop a City-wide branding plan that incorporates standard design elements with a unifying theme that reflects the image of Diamond Bar.

Objective 2.1 Develop a plan to incorporate the features of the Grand Avenue Beautification Project at other arterial intersections and at City entry points.

General Items Goal #2
Establish a “quiet zone” on the MetroLink train line at Lemon Avenue near Walnut Elementary School.

General Items Goal #3
Provide high quality, financially sustainable parks and athletic/recreation facilities.

Objective 3.1 Develop options for improved athletic facilities at Lorbeer Middle School.

General Items Goal #4
Complete a comprehensive update to the City’s General Plan.

Objective 4.1 Draft and release a Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposals seeking qualified consulting services to begin conducting the public outreach process required to develop the planning principles of the revision.