2014-2015 City Council Goals and Objectives

Each year, concurrent with the review and adoption of the municipal budget, the City Council develops its Goals & Objectives. These items reflect the projects, challenges, and legislative matters deemed by the Council to be among the most important of the fiscal year. Following are the FY 2014-15 Goals & Objectives, adopted by the City Council at its April 15 meeting.

FY 2014-2015 City Council Goals & Objectives

1. Traffic Mitigation

  • In cooperation with the City’s project partners, complete the 57/60 Freeway Interchange corridor long-term “big fix”.

    • Commence construction on the Westbound SR-60 Slip Ramp (Phase 1 of 57/60-Grand Confluence Project).
    • Complete design of Local Improvements at Grand/Golden Springs and DB Golf Course Frontage and prepare for construction (Step 1 of Phase 2 57/60-Grand Confluence Project).
    • Secure construction funding for the Grand Bridge Widening, Bypass Roads, & On/Off Ramp Reconfiguration and continue design work (Step 2 of Phase 3, 57/60-Grand Confluence Project).
    • Secure funding partners for and complete a feasibility study to determine the preferred and most cost-effective options for the completion of 57/60 “big fix” (missing freeway and HOV connectors separate from the 57/60 Confluence Project).
  • Advocate for transportation solutions that are equitable in their distribution of goods movement related traffic.

    • Secure recognition of the SR-60’s ongoing status as a component of the state and national freight networks in an effort to secure funding for 57/60 Interchange improvements.

  • In cooperation with the City’s project partners, complete the Lemon Avenue on and off ramp project.

    • Complete right-of-way acquisitions and begin construction.

  • Develop a report to the City Council outlining the ongoing effectiveness of the City’s ongoing traffic mitigation project programs.

2. Fiscal Responsibility/Economic Development

  • Create a long-term City-wide financial plan for preservation of the City’s fixed assets, including infrastructure, buildings, parks, and other facilities.
  • Develop incentive-based Specific Plans to revitalize areas such as K-Mart and Market World.
  • Identify specific development opportunities and develop Specific Plans to revitalize the K-Mart and Honda property areas in a way that provides the greatest net benefit to the community.
    • Proactively market the Honda property to potential hotel developers.
  • Develop a plan to address the long-term financial sustainability of the City’s Lighting and Landscape Assessment Districts (LLADs).

3. Communications

  • In addition to regular public meetings, provide a variety of opportunities for public interaction and participation.
    • Complete an update to the City’s website, enhancing governmental transparency, access to information, and ease of use for the public.

4. Other Items

  • Preserve Windmill structure via ownership of structure and/or property.
  • Develop a City-wide branding plan that incorporates standard design elements with a unifying theme that reflects the image of Diamond Bar.
    • Commence Grand Avenue beautification project, using the chosen design as an initial standard plan for the City’s streetscapes and entry signage.
  • Establish a “quiet zone” on the MetroLink train line at Lemon Avenue near Walnut Elementary School.
  • Consider options for the development of a fiscally responsible City-administered public aquatics program.